Why Apogee?

Why Apogee?

Why Apogee?

You might well ask, “Why Apogee?” The simple answer is because our team is comprised of some of the most experienced and exciting theme park  producers, designers, and operators in the industry today. These are people who have worked on some of the biggest visitor attractions worldwide who have the knowledge and talent to make your venture a success.

Apogee Attractions is in an unequaled position to shape your vision into a profit making reality.

Why settle for less?


The hallmark of Apogee’s work has been to thrill audiences, resulting in enhanced profits for your project and a satisfying experience for your guests.

We get to this point through strong creative theming that will resonate throughout your project.

This makes the difference between an odd collection of rides and a truly satisfying day in an entertainment wonderland – and that’s the difference between a run-of-the-mill attraction and a first rate destination that thrives with repeat visits.

What will you offer your guests?


It means honesty, yes, but also integrity as in completeness, soundness: that’s what you get with Apogee Attractions. Not just pieces of what you need, but a solid  package, everything necessary to realize your vision.

Our knowledge of entertainment attractions is the thorough, top to bottom kind that comes from years in the business. It would be difficult to find experience of this caliber in any other company. The end result is the themed attraction you imagined, where everything fits together, functions smoothly, and thrills your guests.



The Show Must Go On!

Apogee can be depended on  to  get your  project started on the right foot,  keep things moving so deadlines are met and budgets are kept, resulting in a smash opening and successful run.

In other words, we know the beginning, middle and end of successful themed entertainment. Let Apogee shape your vision into a successful reality.

With Apogee Attractions, the show will always go on!

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