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A World-Class Theme Park Design Company

Apogee Attractions offers a full spectrum of services for theme park design, amusement park design,  themed resorts, and all varieties of themed visitor attractions. If you need help getting started or want a full range of services for your venture, Apogee  can get you where you want to go.

Theme Park Design : How To Get Started

Whether your project involves theme park design, amusement park thrills, or any other type of visitor attraction, you want to get started with Apogee Attractions. At Apogee we are producers of world-class themed entertainment and visitor attractions. Our team is comprised of some of the most experienced and exciting theme park producers, designers, and operators in the industry today, people who have worked on some of the biggest visitor attractions worldwide who have the knowledge and talent to make your venture a success.Whether you need a consultant to get you started or are looking for a full range of services, the Apogee team will get you where you want to go. Call today!

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Theme Park Design
Building Your Dream

Theme Park Design : Building Your Dream

Based on our experience and using our proprietary design program to optimally size your venture and everything in it, Apogee will ready your project for construction. Knowledge and experience are a must, the kind you get with Apogee Attractions. We’re there with you through the entire phase of construction, through fabrication and installation. And when it’s done, we’ll plan an opening day your guests won’t forget!

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Theme Park Design : Managing For Success

Satisfied guests are critical to the success of themed visitor attractions and resorts. The backbone to having satisfied guests is good management, something at which Apogee Attractions excels. Unlike most companies, Apogee’s team has experience managing large, successful resorts and attractions. Our world-class experts will consult with you on any or all aspects of managing your project.

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