Getting Started

If your project is fully funded, congratulations! Use the following steps to begin your planning. If your project is looking for investors, pulling together the information below will do a lot to convince investors your project is something they want to support.

What can Apogee do for you?

Concept Development

Concept development is the big first step and the backbone of your vision. Apogee will meet with you near your proposed site to discuss and get to better understand your vision.
Working together with you, your concept is refined and honed until, by the end of Concept Development, you have the fundamentals for moving forward toward designing the theme park of your dreams.
The decisions made in this early stage are important and will affect all future work on your project, from the attractions that fill it to the buildings that shape it. A strong start is important so work with someone you can trust. Call Apogee Attractions.


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Market Analysis

It is of critical importance to understand from the beginning who your market is. Our team’s economists are highly experienced in working with themed projects. The analysis they do will enable Apogee to ascertain:

  • who your market is,
  • how long your visitors will stay, how large your project should be when it opens;
  • what size your project can grow to; and
  • what the competitive environment is.

In other words, Apogee will help you determine your best choices for building a profitable project. We are your answer to greater returns.

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Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study will be the first meaningful projection of:

  • the financial potential of your project;
  • operating costs; and
  • the warranted investment for your project.

These will be the key elements of your business plan and each will play an important role in convincing investors that your venture is worthwhile.


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Master Planning

The Theme Park Master Plan is a proposal for the layout, configuration and operating characteristics of your project. It’s an essential in guiding your project to success.

In layman’s terms, the Master Plan is a representation of how your project and its themes fit together and how everything works on your site. It also helps ensure you’re optimizing your land use, steers ideas for future expansion, and will greatly assist in selling your vision to potential investors and local officials.

NOTE: With a concept outline, market study, financial data and master plan in hand it’s time to get your financing in place, finish securing your site and gain planning permissions and other necessary governmental approvals

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