Theme Park Builder

To build a Theme Park you’ll need more than just the ability to bring a selection of quirky rides together at a site. A successful themed entertainment and attractions venue creates a memorable experience and makes people want to return to it time after time. This is achieved by using an expert team of designers and project managers who have a demonstrated flair for creativity, innovation, dependability and integrity.

When you build a Theme Park you need a team behind you with the know-how to bring together, in the one place, all of the elements of a successful theme park. Creativity, architecture and landscaping are all elements of exciting and memorable theme parks. Determining how these elements will come together in your theme park project is a task that must be undertaken by an experienced team of themed entertainment producers and consultants.

The Apogee Attractions team is successful and highly skilled and experienced in the building of theme parks and production of themed entertainment and visitor attractions venues. The team is made up of a group of creative and talented individuals, some of whom have over thirty years experience in the industry. The team members come from diverse backgrounds and include people with high level Disney and Universal theme park experience. All have a passion for the entertainment and attractions industry and a desire to create thrilling and dynamic venues that are fun and viable. This is the team you want behind you if you plan to build a Theme Park, Water Park, Amusement Park or Themed Resort.

The team at Apogee Attractions doesn’t just come up with ideas. To build a Theme Park or Amusement Park you do need creative concepts and innovative designs but you also need a plan to bring those ideas to fruition. The Apogee Attractions team can work with you on your project to build a Theme Park or Amusement Park and they will be there from start to finish. They can be involved from concept development to developing a master plan to help you secure finance and execute the project. Once the project is ready to go they will manage it for you and work on all of the elements of a successful attractions or themed venue including operations, marketing and entertainment.

Apogee Attractions team members have helped to build some of the world’s most famous entertainment and amusement venues including many of Disney’s Theme Parks, Resorts and live entertainment attractions. This expertise runs the full length of a project from creative concept development to ensuring that a project runs on time and to budget. When Apogee Attractions build a theme park or entertainment venue they pride themselves on being there with you from the beginning to the end and they can also build into your designs the potential for future growth.